December 6, 2016

Celebrate Bay Chapter’s 90th anniversary by helping Zeke save the planet!

Zeke visiting the Sierra Club Bay Chapter Office.

Zeke visiting the Sierra Club Bay Chapter Office.

Zeke Gerwein of Berkeley, a generous 13-year old, is again undertaking a bike ride to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change. This year’s ride, starting on June 15, will be 3,600 miles, from San Diego to the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades and then down the coast to Arcata. While Zeke is enjoying his trek, he is also making an impact by asking his family, friends, and those who care about the natural environment to send a donation to the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter. Zeke wants these funds to be used to continue our organizing efforts to combat climate change by fighting fossil-fuel exports locally and promoting the transition to a clean-energy economy (see pages H and 5).


To contribute a fixed sum, go to or send a check made out to the “Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter” to:

Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter
2530 San Pablo Ave., #I
Berkeley, CA 94702-2000.

To make a per-mile pledge, send an e-mail to She will report back to you when Zeke completes his ride.

Follow Zeke’s progress or send him a note of encouragement at

Below are excerpts from Zeke’s letter to his family and friends.

The purpose of my ride is two­fold. First, it’s an awesome adventure, and second, to demon­strate that the world can be a different place if we want it to, with people traveling in a way that is better for themselves and the planet.

My goal on the ride is to raise money to help the Sierra Club and raise awareness of the dangers the Earth is facing from global warming. The Sierra Club is trying to stop global warming. They are trying to shut down coal plants, and protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. It is really important to stop sea-level rise and climate change, especially because of the serious past indicator of what is to come (i.e., the devastating drought of 2013). I feel I should do everything I can to reduce the threats to many plant and animal species who will suffer from global warming. Also, global warming would be disastrous to humans, wiping out most of Holland and Belgium, destroying Delaware, taking out more than half of Manhattan and at least 3/4 of Long Island, which are only a few of the disasters we are facing. I am asking if you would pledge for me. You can do this by flat rate or by mile. The choice is yours. Since I am doing this with friends and family, and not as part of an organized ride, every dollar you pledge will go straight to the Sierra Club’s campaign–not a penny will go to pay for the ride.

I rode to stop climate change last year, I will ride to try to stop climate change this year, and I will ride to try to stop climate change next year, too! The threat of global warming will exist until we humans get our act together. I am grateful for any support that you can give to the Sierra Club by donating to my ride.

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