December 6, 2016

Vera Lis receives Michener Award

Vera Lis.

Vera Lis.

Vera Lis, long-time outings leader for Solo Sierrans, is this year’s winner of the Bay Chapter’s Michener Award for outstanding outings leadership.

Vera, now in her 80s, still leads two events each month. Her repertoire is based on four walks: Emeryille Marina, Point Isabel, Tilden Park, and Point Pinole.  Her walks are mostly on flat or gently rolling terrain, and are usually about two to three miles.  Except for Tilden, all the walks are on paved trails, and Tilden is partially paved.  Vera’s walks are ideal for older folks, but often younger people attend and benefit from the company as well.  A lot of people who took part in 2B’s and 3C’s are now enjoying Vera’s easier 1A’s. The walks start in the afternoon, and are always followed by an optional dinner.

Vera, always friendly, begins walks with a round of introductions, just your name and where you come from, and the walkers do come from all over the Bay Area. On a recent walk, a younger participant, an engineer from Japan, already familiar with Vera’s walks, had just gotten off the plane from Tokyo!

To join in on Vera’s easy adventures, see the Bay Chapter Calendar, in every Yodeler starting on page A or at


  1. Sheldon Belinkoff says:

    What does the recipient of the Michener Award receive?

    Editor’s response (5/23/2014): There is no actual prize for the winner of the recipient of the Michener Award. The winner’s name is inscribed on a plaque at the Sierra Club Bay Chapter Office.

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