December 11, 2016

“Dirty Energy/Clean Solutions” Conference–Friday – Sunday, May 9 – 11

350BA_ClimateCon2014_LogoWeb 300x389Friday – Sunday, May 9 – 11—7 pm Friday (San Francisco)—“Visions of a Clean Energy Future”; Saturday (East Bay)—main conference with panels on various topics; Sunday (East Bay)—interactive breakout sessions.

This is a conference to educate and connect grassroots activists with leaders in the various areas of climate work, co-sponsored by the Sierra Club Bay Chapter along with 350 Bay Area, the Sunflower Alliance, and the Center for Biological Diversity.

Friday’s keynote address will feature Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson. Jacobson has appeared on national TV (David Letter­man) with his science-based plans to convert America’s energy infrastructure to 100% solar, water, and wind by 2050. Other speakers will be announced.

Saturday will open with an address by fossil-fuel-industry expert Richard Heinberg, followed by panels on refineries/dirty-fuel transport,  fracking, clean energy, and action strategies for moving forward.

Sunday’s action-oriented breakout sessions on crude by rail, refineries, fracking, and community resilience will include training on strategies such as policy/legislative/regulatory approaches, local actions/initiatives/bans/resolutions, and direct action.

Connect with the broader climate movement; learn; share your passion, your message, and your experience; and learn from others.

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