December 6, 2016

Vote yes on Proposition B–waterfront height-limit initiative in SF

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Update (April 21, 2014): “We thank the Warriors for abandoning their wall on the waterfront and encourage the voters to make their voices heard by passing Proposition B.” — Sierra Club Bay Chapter chair Becky Evans.

The Sierra Club urges San Francisco voters to vote yes on Proposition B–”Voter Approval for Waterfront Height Increases”–on the June 3 ballot. The measure would require voter approval for waterfront luxury-condo towers or other waterfront development projects that violate existing legal building height limits (see Feb., page 4).

A record-breaking petition drive by a coalition of environmental and community groups collected 21,000 signatures, more than twice the required 9,702 in just three weeks. The initiative is backed by the Sierra Club and the No Wall on the Waterfront coalition, who came together to defeat the 8 Washington waterfront luxury-condo towers, which were rejected by 67% of San Francisco voters last November.

“The overwhelming success of this petition drive shows just how strongly the people of San Francisco feel about keeping the waterfront a special place that is open and accessible for everyone to enjoy,” said Becky Evans, chair of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club and the official proponent of the initiative.

Despite the overwhelming voter rejection of the 8 Washington luxury condos, the San Francisco Port Commission has proceeded to move forward with a series of other proposals to raise waterfront height limits for luxury-condo high-rises, office towers, and hotels. Waterfront height limits can currently be changed by a majority of the Board of Supervisors.

The initiative builds on a previous initiative passed by San Francisco voters in 1990 that required the creation of a Waterfront Land Use Plan to guide development along the city’s waterfront.

To volunteer in the campaign, or for more information, see,

Vote yes on Proposition B.


  1. Mahlen Morris says:

    I’m disappointed that the Sierra Club has decided to support this. In a city and larger geographic area that desperately needs housing, the only possible effect of Proposition B is to reduce and slow the growth in housing, thus raising rents and housing costs throughout the Bay Area. While you claim that “keeping the waterfront a special place that is open and accessible for everyone to enjoy” is the rationale, you can’t enjoy the waterfront if you can’t afford to live here.

    More Housing Means More Affordable Housing – Vote No on Prop B

  2. Daniel C Murphy says:

    What is being proposed by the real estate developers for our publicly owned waterfront is not affordable housing. It’s luxury condos and hotels.
    The Giants want to put up a 39-story tower on a parking lot which is currently zoned for open space. If that is such a good idea, why did the Giants go to court to try and remove proposition B
    from the ballot?
    Let the voters decide whether the present height limits along San Francisco’s public waterfront lands should be increased to profit the real estate industry.


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