January 17, 2017

Help raise money for Sierra Club California

Sierra Club California logo.Would you like to do something to stop fracking or protect our forests or help with other California environmental issues, but you don’t want to attend government meetings?

Sierra Club California is the arm of the Sierra Club that works on these concerns, and there are lots of other ways of contributing which may be more to your liking.

Joan Holtz loves to explore the Channel Islands. She leads cruises stopping at San Miguel Island for hiking or Santa Rosa Island for kayaking or snorkeling. Would you like to lead a trip to somewhere in California or even to a foreign country? Are you an outings leader or travel buff who would like to plan and lead a trip to benefit Sierra Club California? We would love your help.

Suzanna Reyes and her host committee threw a fabulous party with food served by chef Jen Anderson in her downtown loft with elected officials and our director Kathryn Phillips. Do you love inviting people over or cooking for others? These skills could help keep a lobbyist in the Capitol. Suzanna’s party raised money essential to fund the work of Sierra Club California.

Perhaps you have that special personality for telling the story of our work and encouraging others to contribute funds.

Sierra Club California’s Fundraising Committee is seeking new members to run fundraising trips and throw fundraising house parties. We also need new members who can help create next year’s fundraising plan and do the work. Last year the Fundraising Committee and staff brought in funds through Earthshare, the Club’s Solar Homes Project, Climate Ride, mail and online appeals, a major-donor campaign, and grants as well as fundraising trips and house parties. Perhaps you have some other ideas?

Sierra Club California has four policy staff and an operations coordinator and occasionally hires a contract lobbyist. This small team makes a critical difference in keeping our state government on-track for the environment. Our staff is in Sacramento talking to legislators, the governor’s office, and state agencies about environmental legislation, regulations, and appointments. Much of the funding to continue this operation is raised by staff and the Fundraising Committee.

If you are willing to help in some way, please contact Karen Maki, co-chair of the Fundraising Committee, at karenmaki@comcast.net or (650)366-0577.

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