December 10, 2016

Chapter elections coming–with new option for electronic voting

Vote in the Chapter elections and in your local Group election!

Vote in the Chapter elections and in your local Group election!

The December-January Yodeler will include the ballot for this year’s elections for the Executive Committees for the Bay Chapter and its local groups.

The Executive Committees (ExComms) for the Chapter and its local groups are critical components of the Sierra Club. They make key policy and position decisions, and manage budgets for activities and advocacy. Voting is an important way to participate in the Sierra Club’s present and future direction.

This year for the first time you can vote electronically. About Nov. 14 we will send an e-mail to all Chapter members–if we have your e-mail address–with a link to the ballot.

If you don’t receive that e-mail, your December-January Yodeler will contain a link to the voting site. If you do not yet receive e-mail communications from the Chapter, please sign up now at

Now is a good time to check that your membership is up-to-date, and that you are entered in the correct local group. Look at your mailing label on your Yodeler (or any other mailing from the Sierra Club). If you are a Bay Chapter member, in the line above your name should appear your eight-digit membership number. Following this is a four-digit number beginning with “010″. (On the labels for the October-November Yodeler, the initial ’0′ was inadvertently omitted.) This number designates your local group:

Number      Group

Map by Bob Newey.

Map by Bob Newey.

0100      no group

0102      Marin

0103      Mount Diablo

0104      San Francisco

0105      Delta

0106      West Contra Costa

0107      Southern Alameda

0108      Northern Alameda

0109      TriValley

For a map of approximate group boundaries, see the map.

After the group number on your label are the letters SNGL for a single membership (one vote) or JNT for a joint membership (two votes–one for each member).

If there is any error in your address, you should notify or Sierra Club Member Services at (415)977-5653.

Note that the Club assigns default group membership based on zip codes. If your label indicates that you are not in the group you wish to be in, e-mail or call (415)977-5653. If you live in a zip code that overlaps group boundaries (e.g. in Kensington), you might not be assigned to the group that you would prefer.

Now is the time to act, so that your record in the Club database can be correct at the eligibility cutoff for the election.

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