January 20, 2017

PUC tells PG&E: find safe way to test at Diablo Canyon

PG&E will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with safer ways to do the seismic testing necessary to determine whether the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant can withstand a large earthquake (see previous article). After more than seven hours of public testimony that was mostly opposed to the testing, the California Public Utilities Commission denied permission to do the testing.

The Sierra Club has opposed the offshore testing, which would have involved high-decibel explosions every 15 seconds for 17 days off the Morro Bay coast. The noise would harm marine mammals and fish, perhaps so badly that the fishery would be ruined for months to years.

Andrew Christie, staff for the Club’s Santa Lucia Chapter, and Amanda Wallner, our Sierra Club California staffer responsible for the Resilient Habitats California Coast Campaign, did a great job getting the word out, writing letters, and organizing folks to show up and testify. We’re all lucky to have these two helping watchdog the state’s coastline.

And thanks to all of you who have testified at meetings or written e-mails and letters to help raise alarm about the proposed testing methods. Thank you for your great work on this.

Kathryn Phillips, director, Sierra Club California

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