January 17, 2017

Update on governor’s bill-signings

Sierra Club California logo.

Sierra Club California logo.

Updated 5:10 pm, Sep. 26, 2012. More bills added.

Governor Brown has signed or vetoed a lot of environmental bills this week. He did good on a few we supported including two parks funding bills, AB 1478 (Blumenfield) and AB 1589 (Huffman). He also signed one of the solar permit fee bills, AB 1801 (Campos). We’re still waiting to hear about the other, SB 1222 (Leno).

The Governor also signed the Human Right to Water Bill, AB 685 (Eng), which we supported.
Unfortunately, he also signed AB 845 (Ma),  the late-session bill that undermines a 1984 voter-passed initiative in Solano County to protect sensitive marshland from landfill expansion for imported garbage. As you know, we opposed this bill. Fortunately, he vetoed another Ma bill, AB 2200, that would have eliminated the HOV lane on eastbound Highway 80 morning traffic in the Bay Area. We also opposed this bill.
Gov. Brown today signed an important bill that signals that this state remains one that values wildlife and humane treatment of all animals. That bill is SB 1221 (Lieu), which bans the use of dogs for bear and bobcat hunting. It  was sponsored by the Humane Society, and the Sierra Club was an early and active supporter–which meant that our staff and terrific volunteers spent a lot of time lobbying via email, snail mail, and phone, and in person.
The governor also signed AB 1776 (Fong), which establishes the Pacific leatherback sea turtle as the state marine reptile and, beginning in 2013, establishes October 15 as Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Day. We also supported this bill.
These are just a handful of the many bills we’ve been following, and thought you might be interested in their status as well.
If you want to keep tabs on bills as they are signed or vetoed, you can go to www.gov.ca.gov and click on the newsroom tab to find press releases about bills that are signed and vetoed.
Kathryn Phillips, director, Sierra Club California

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