January 20, 2017

Vote yes on B in San Francisco–preserve Coit Tower

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is pursuing plans to transform San Francisco’s Coit Tower, a publicly owned building in a public park, into a venue for private parties for corporations and wealthy individuals.

Proposition B gives San Francisco voters the chance to establish a new city policy to limit the use of Coit Tower for commercial activities and private events, ensuring that it remains primarily a public place.

Prop B will also direct the city to use funds generated by visitors to Coit Tower for preserving the tower, beautifying Pioneer Park around Coit Tower, and restoring the 27 historic New Deal murals inside Coit Tower, which have been badly damaged due to neglect and decay.

Public parks and unique public places like Coit Tower should be kept open to the public rather than used as cash cows.

Vote “yes” on Proposition B. For more information visit www.ProtectCoitTower.org.

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