October 26, 2016

Judge rejects PG&E application for ratepayer funding at Diablo Canyon

On Dec. 21 an administrative-law judge at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) dismissed a request by PG&E for funding for its application to renew the license of its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant (see March-April Yodeler, page 5).

Administrative-law judge Robert Barnett ruled that PG&E is required under state law to complete advanced seismic studies before applying for ratepayer funds for the application.

Rochelle Becker of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility commented, “This step by Judge Barnett shows consumers that the CPUC is making strides to protect ratepayers in the post-San Bruno, post-Fukushima world.  We can now focus on making sure the seismic studies are well-designed and independently peer-reviewed at every step of the way.”

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